Course Description:

Humans have evolved to prefer certain characteristics of interior spaces – we naturally gravitate towards and feel more comfortable in spaces that are coherent, that provide a clear view of how to move through them, that are well lit, with the correct balance of different types of light, and where the things that are most important about the space are easily visible.

Indirect lighting makes use of the building’s interior envelope and volume to modulate, amplify, and balance lighting from various sources. A layered approach to the design and lighting of interior spaces, which incorporates a balance of direct and indirect lighting improves visual coherence and way finding, articulates and highlights architectural elements, and positively impacts health and productivity.

This course explores how indirect lighting can be used to improve the comfort level of a space and allow it to be used in multiple ways. Participants will learn lighting design techniques for optimizing the design of interior spaces by illuminating ceilings and walls, and by back lighting through translucent materials.


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