GM Lighting – LED Flexible Tape

Chip On Board (COB) LED is the new state of the art linear LED system that encapsulates tightly spaced individual diodes into one linear light display. COB Tape features a wider beam spread – 180°! Works with standard dimmers and is available in a 16′-4″ (5M) reel.

Hubble – Bluetooth® WASP Sensor

The Bluetooth WASP Occupancy Sensor is the perfect solution for complete, code compliant control of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. The sensor uses Bluetooth for remote programming, features Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensing technology as well as ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control with an integral light sensor to adjust the light level of the fixture…

Hubbell – SCLT

SCLT is a lensed troffer with Antimicrobial Lighting for applications ranging from food preparation to general commercial applications. SCLT can be ordered in blended, blended plus or independent SpectraClean™ modes.

Lumium: lighting at its element

Through exceptional ideation and conceptualization, design captivating, intriguing, highly efficient light fixtures for the architectural marketplace while operating with impeccable integrity.
Inspired by creativity, motivated through innovation, and dedicated to producing visually stunning and High performing light fixtures, Lumium is a company passionate about lighting. As designers we view the world with the notion that “good enough” never is. Holding to the belief that form and function can be intertwined to create efficient works of architectural art, we are driven to produce stylishly designed and engineered linear lighting fixtures. Our dedication to creativity, perfection, and perpetually exceeding expectations is Lumium.